Bottled at the springs for over 130 years


Glen Summit Springs lies near the village of Glen Summit, on the northern slope of the eastern end of Nescopeck Mountain. This area has become famous for its mountain springs and is now protected by over 450 acres of pristine, uncultivated forest made up of privately owned and conservation lands.

Our Company

Serving the Glen Summit area for over 130 years

Fresh, spring water

Glen Summit Springs Water Company Inc. utilizes spring water from the two highest quality flows found on our property. Our water is fresh, clean, and rich in history.

A rich history

Under the direction of Mr. William Quin, former long time president, distribution of Glen Summit Water grew throughout the Susquehanna Valley and surrounding areas.  Always interested in growing and improving the young industry, Mr. Quin was a charter member of the American Bottled Water Association, which was the predecessor to the present-day International Bottled Water Association.


Mr. Quin was also responsible for the growth of the Glen Summit Beverage Company which bottled sodas, including the regionally renowned orange soda, using the pure spring water as the chief ingredient.  


It was during Mr. Quin‚ tenure as owner and President of the Company that Glen Summit became a household name in the region, 55 years before bottled water became an industry of its own.


With the flooding of the Susquehanna River in 1972, the Company, which maintained an office in Forty-Fort, Pennsylvania, suffered significant losses of equipment and bottle inventory. The unfortunate timing of the flood and the death of Mr. Quin in 1972 resulted in Glen Summit eliminating its beverage business and focusing its attention on spring water. (Although we maintain the Glen Summit Beverage recipes in our safe to this day!)


With the passing of Mr. Quin, stewardship of the Company was passed to his wife, Ruth Wicks Quin, who, in 1972, was among a small group of female business owners in the region.  As a result of Mrs. Quin’s steady and resolute direction, Glen Summit Springs Water Company thrived and filled the need of many who, after the flood, wanted assurances regarding their drinking water.


The Quin, daughter, Nancy Quin Davis, succeeded her mother as President of the Company in 1986 and endeavored to preserve and maintain the traditions of excellent service and purity of the product that had been established by her predecessors. Glen Summit Springs Water Company remains a family maintained business to this day, and is proud of its long history in an industry we have been honored to be a part of for over 130 years.

Our exceptional founder

Water supply

The founder of Glen Summit Springs Water Company, J.E. Patterson, was a successful Wilkes-Barre businessman who sought to purchase property in the area now known as Glen Summit to enjoy the mountain air and seek treatment for his insomnia.  


He purchased close to 500 acres, where he built his home knowing the grounds contained excellent springs. Mr. Patterson undertook discussions with the Lehigh Valley railroad and proposed that a grand hotel should be built to provide rail travelers a place to rest and refresh.  His idea took root and in 1882, construction was begun on the hotel with Mr. Patterson acting as the general contractor.


In the transfer of land from Mr. Patterson to the Lehigh Valley Railroad, Patterson retained 200 acres that held the finest springs and began bottling pure spring water in 1884. The Glen Summit Hotel and the Victorian cottages that were subsequently built in the Glen Summit Village were, in their heyday, a gathering place for the social elite from New York and Philadelphia.


In the 1890‚ Glen Summit Springs Water Company began working with it‚ first distributor, R. H. Cabell, in London, England.  Special spring loaded wooden crates were constructed to protect the glass bottles during their overseas journey.  The Company purchased two rail cars in order to efficiently deliver the spring water to the New York ports.


By 1909 the company’s success justified the construction of the elaborate bottling house Glen Summit Springs Water Company still uses today. Sanitary bottling conditions were an emphasis at Glen Summit Springs Water Company long before government agencies required it.


For example, the 1909 bottling house plans included a shower room where employees were required to visit before starting their shift. On February 12, 1936, a controlling interest in Glen Summit Springs Water Company was purchased by William Richard Quin, who had been the Chief Engineer of the Lake Wallenpaupack Dam project.