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By guest, Apr 8 2015 07:17PM

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Nov 25 2015 08:09AM by David

Billing problems after service end then they tell you you owe $30 turn you in to collecting agency then it goes to $45 when they had 3 returns to pick up equaling $30 just go elsewhere save yourself a lot of time and the effort they're really not worth your time thank god there's places like this stay away far away God bless

May 26 2017 02:46PM by Carrie

Expensive water for home delivery. Deposits for empty jugs crazy price. Plus delivery fee.

Dec 5 2018 07:34PM by J MELLODY 08211

Just moved last month after 4 decades of receiving GLEN SUMMIT WATER deliveries at my former address. (Throop, pa) Service was perfect. In Nov 2018 I moved approx. 10 miles away (Scranton, pa) and called to have my delivery changed to the new address. Monday 12/3 was the fourth delivery date given to me with no water delivered. She PROMISED that the delivery would arrive. I just ran to the grocery store to pick up some bottled water. Can't call them again. Rep. is not pleasant to talk with. Is it possible that they are going out of business? Probably should just return the bottles and look for another provider. Thank you.

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