Bottled at the springs for over 130 years

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Glen Summit Springs Water Company Inc. has access to three natural springs. We utilize the water from the two best flows to give our clients the highest-quality water possible. Get fresh, clean bottled water delivered to your home or business today!

Our Spring Water

Curious about how we get our water?

We'll tell you how it all works

Our spring water flows by gravity from our springs to the bottling house. The water then passes through our three phase purification process, including filtration UV light and ozone purification. After bottling, the ozone returns to oxygen leaving the water in its original state.

Our source of fresh water

The source of our water is a series of natural springs, found more than 1,700 feet above sea level and protected by more than 450 acres of Company-owned and conservation lands.


For more than 130 years Glen Summit Springs Water Company has been providing the pure, refreshing water of Glen Summit to people who enjoy quality water.

A community supporter

We're also a huge supporter of our local community, and we frequently donate water to local races and other community events.


Do you have a local event coming up? Give us a call; we may just help sponsor it!

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